At Kalamuna we not only build Drupal websites, but we also provide support services for a plethora of clients. One of these is providing security updates; we pride ourselves on keeping our clients’ sites safe and free from vulnerabilities. But, I have to admit that when I hear of new security releases I cringe. I think about the tedious process of going through each site or trying to recall who has what modules installed on their site. But I just discovered an app that finds all of the new security updates for me: Evercurrent. Read on to see how it works.

Mother Jones is a politically progressive American magazine reporting on politics, the environment, human rights, and culture. The magazine tapped Kalamuna to increase their social media presence by adopting the new Facebook Instant Articles standard, which delivers incredibly fast and immersive reading experiences for people on Facebook, making mobile browsing quick and easy. In fact, Facebook Instant Articles:

This year we were happy to have six team members offering sessions at the Bay Area Drupal Camp in Berkeley, California. From topics ranging from the business of running an agency to actually making the Internet, we had a ton to share. Click to see videos of all of our sessions.

I have been a Palliative Care Nurse for a few years now. I like my job; actually, I love my job. People often ask me how I can work in a field as emotional as Hospice, but it’s always been a blessing for me. Being with someone as they pass offers a sense of purpose. I have always equated it to being a reverse-midwife: instead of delivering babies, I am delivering souls.  There’s this one thing though: the poop. You know, the poop I find on my elbow at the end of my shift that didn’t come from me or one of my children, the poop that is on my shoes or scrubs that warrants just throwing my uniform away at the end of the day. And now Drupal. Why? 

Kalamuna's BADcamp 2016 Sessions

Shannon O'Malley

We’re gearing up for the Bay Area Drupal Camp 2016 (“BADcamp”) and are excited to have six team members offering sessions in Berkeley, CA this year. As always, BADcamp registration is free, so you can attend all of our sessions at no cost. From topics ranging from the business of running an agency to actually making the Internet, we’ve got a ton to share. Get a peek at our sessions, below, and get ‘em in your calendar.

As a Drupal developer, you may believe your spirit animal burrows somewhere between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Mine resides in Backdrop. Let me tell you how I discovered it there. I saw Jen Lampton give a great session on Backdrop for the first time at Florida DrupalCamp 2014 and I really didn’t give it much thought. People were still yammering on about Drupal 8 and no one was adopting anything at the time. We were still trying to get people on Drupal 7. Flash forward to Spring 2016: Kalamuna won a small project through a nonprofit client in the San Francisco Bay Area. My dilemma: build the tiny site in Drupal 8, or do it with Drupal 7 (Panopoly and Kalatheme) — or go with Backdrop. I thought about it for a week and I landed on Backdrop. Here’s why:

I'm looking forward to attending Asheville Drupal Camp this August 12th-13th at Asheville–Buncombe Technical Community College in North Carolina. If you haven’t visited Asheville before, you can expect a town that feels small but that still offers exciting food, drink, and tourist destinations.

I arrived at DrupalCon NOLA 2016 with some clear priorities for investigation, and I didn't come away disappointed. Read on for the low-down on the most important Drupal initiatives shaping our development experience here at Kalamuna.

This year at DrupalCon, we wanted to pay homage to all the work that has gone into the Drupal project and bring the community together for something fun. The most uplifting option: a funeral. So, on May 12, 2016, hundreds of DrupalCon New Orleans attendees paid their respects to our dearly departed Drupal 6, which met its “end of life” on February 24th. Has there ever been a mass funeral for a CMS before? We don’t know. Keep reading to find how and why we pulled it off with our partners at @FourKitchens.

DrupalCon is once again upon us, and I’m looking forward to not only visiting New Orleans for the first time, but also co-presenting my first Drupalcon session. Our support manager, John Ouellet, and I spend most of our time in the support trenches, so we’ve thought a lot about what makes a successful model for web support. We’ll be covering the who, what, how, and why of Drupal support, so if you’re going to be at DrupalCon this year, come see us and bring your questions. Below is a sneak peek of what we’ll be presenting.

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