Happy Ada Lovelace Day

Shannon O'Malley

Ada Lovelace Day celebrates women in science, technology, engineering and math. And since we like all of those things, and women doing them, we thought we’d have a toast on the Kalamuna roofdeck here in Oakland. Pictured here are account manager Esther Vincent, and developers AmyJune Hineline and Katy Pool. So who was Ada Lovelace? Read on.

What We Learned in September

Shannon O'Malley

When You're Always Learning...

... you can become the fast-moving, shiny super-species of yourself. You will also become more interesting to talk with at parties. At Kalamuna we like to learn, and since it’s officially “Back to School” month around the U.S., I figured I’d query our brood to see what’s on everyone’s minds this month. Read on to find out what we learned in the past 30 days.

This year at DrupalCon, we wanted to pay homage to all the work that has gone into the Drupal project and bring the community together for something fun. The most uplifting option: a funeral. So, on May 12, 2016, hundreds of DrupalCon New Orleans attendees paid their respects to our dearly departed Drupal 6, which met its “end of life” on February 24th. Has there ever been a mass funeral for a CMS before? We don’t know. Keep reading to find how and why we pulled it off with our partners at @FourKitchens.

Introducing Kalasthenics

Justin Rhodes

Everybody "works remote."

So why not work out remotely?

“Jimmy’s mom lets him have full-width background images. You’re THE WORST.”

Sometimes Drupal feels like an overbearing mother who won’t let us out of the house wearing ripped jeans and that fake nose ring. Just like every well-meaning parent, Drupal does a good job of managing our content, but when it comes to doing what the cool kids are doing it can sometimes be a struggle. Such is the case when we want to use full-width background images. In this article, I show you how to create them in Drupal— and empower users to manage them— so you can join the nose-ringed rebels.

What We Learned in 2015

Shannon O'Malley

2015 never existed — no one can prove it. It was a construct we used to help us mark time and get to brunch on the right day. All that matters is the blazing pinpoint of light that is Now. But if we play along and say 2015 did happen, it would follow that we learned from our experiences in it. So now that we’re into this thing called “2016,” can we carry forward anything of use? I queried the Kalamuna hive to find out, so I offer to you their wisdom from a “previous” dimension:

What’s Your Ignorance Style?

Katy Pool

At BadCamp this year, one of my favorite panels was called Conquering Imposter Syndrome in the Open Source Community. It was extremely validating to hear the panelists' thoughts, and it got me thinking more generally about the unique ways in which working with technology forces all of us to continually confront our lack of knowledge. As technologies change and the open-source community evolves, we are all constantly learning new concepts and skills. How you deal with the Unknown says a lot about you and your probable success as a web developer. In this post I outline ways I see people dealing with their own un-knowing and how those styles impact their success.

Help Choose the Next Kalamuna T-shirt Design

Shannon O'Malley

Hello, Friend With Refined Taste. Help us decide what our next T-shirt should look like. We want to spruce up for the upcoming Bay Area Drupal Camp in Berkeley, CA, so we held a T-shirt design contest for Kalamunists. Everyone presented their concepts today -- we've got a week to refine them and decide which one to produce. Tweet us @kalamuna and let us know what you think of our ideas.

A long time ago in a galaxy not too far away, I supported myself through college (and then some) by waiting tables. It was a lot of fun and good cardio, but not the kind of thing that I thought would look good on a resume when my aim was to leave the hospitality business. But nothing could be further from the truth. I learned important life lessons, including how to manage my time, work under pressure, and feel more empathy for people. Waiting tables prepared me for my professional career far better than all of the internships I had over my collegiate career.

In my first year at Kalamuna, I’ve noticed that people here have a Thing about self-teaching. This may be a common trait among developers, or it might be something that brought the agency together. Noticing the tendency, I thought to ask everyone here to point out the most valuable summits, projects, and technologies from the past year -- the things that helped them most, and that, hopefully, will help you, too. The bits below are the cream of the crop.

1. The Aspiration Non Profit Development Summit (@aspirationtech)

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