The Drupal World Needs Kalabox

Mike Pirog

I’m proud to announce that we’re broadening access to Drupal development tools by creating Kalabox 2.0 -- now in the works. The new version, supported by a Kickstarter campaign (and hopefully, you!) will include technologies that will make it faster, easier to use, and accessible to a much wider user base.

For immediate release
April 1, 2014

Kalamuna unveils bold, unparalleled new design

After years of internal re-branding exercises, Kalamuna has finally come to a consensus of how best to visually express itself to potential clients and employees.

“We wanted something really modern and sophisticated, yet wanted to shy away from the bland, stale presentation of everyone else out there. That’s why we went this direction,” said co-founder Mike Pirog.

The daunting project took hundreds of man hours of consultation to actualize.

Power to the People

Mike Pirog

As Drupal continues to become more complex and hyperspecialization produces significant gains in efficiency we need to ask ourselves: are we leaving people behind?

While it's true remarkable technologies like Vagrant, SASS/COMPASS, Drush, et al. have enabled professional services companies and experienced freelancers to provide higher quality goods at lower prices, it's equally true that in doing so we've erected even more daunting barriers to the newcomers and novices that are Drupal's current lifeblood and, ultimately, its future.

Lookin' good in the neighborbood

Mike Pirog

This is a tale of empowerment. I promise. But first...

Am I the only one that is perpetually frustrated by the tradeoff between functionality and beauty that seems ubiquitous in the hellscape? Why is it that modules so often rife with visual promise and loud verbage end up being naught but vaporware? Why is it that the most powerful and useful tools lack any meaningful documentation and/or look like someone threw up all over themselves?

Drupal: The Global Solution?

Andrew Ward

Josh Koenig's passionate presentation on the Future of Drupal at CapitalCamp 2013 was inspiring and worth discussing.  So here I am!

Welcome to Drupal, Part 2

Andrew Ward

In my last blog post, I talked a little bit about the history of Drupal and why it's so cool.  Be sure to check it out if you need a bird's-eye view of the forest.  In this entry, we're going to get closer to the trees and cover some of the basics of site building.

Let's create stuff.

Kalamuna @ BADCamp

Andrew Ward

Kalamuna was proud to have been a Contrib sponsor of this year's Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp), the largest free Drupal camp in the world.  Hosted at UC Berkeley, BADCamp gives over a thousand attendees the opportunity to network with fellow Drupalistas and to learn more about the platform's past, present, and future.

Drupal Apps: A Manifesto

Alec Reynolds

What are Drupal Apps?

In the tech space, the word "app" invites unintended connotations. When we visit the Apple App store, or go to Google Play, we have a pretty good idea of what an "app" is: a piece of software with a highly-focused set of functionality. However, as we see apps expanding into the desktop world as widgets and software add-ons, the meaning becomes more obscure. Afterall, if Microsoft chooses to start calling add-ons to a CRM "apps," no one will mistake them for a mobile weather report app.

Panopoly Magic

Andrew Ward

Pantheon's Matt Cheney wow'd the crowd with his presentation of Panopoly at Stanford Drupalcamp this past weekend.  Panopoly is a full-featured, Panels and Chaos Tools-powered Drupal distribution, including 35-40 modules and custom configuration.  So after the install process you go from literally nothing to a full-featured Drupal website.  How convenient!

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