At Kalamuna we not only build Drupal websites, but we also provide support services for a plethora of clients. One of these is providing security updates; we pride ourselves on keeping our clients’ sites safe and free from vulnerabilities. But, I have to admit that when I hear of new security releases I cringe. I think about the tedious process of going through each site or trying to recall who has what modules installed on their site. But I just discovered an app that finds all of the new security updates for me: Evercurrent. Read on to see how it works.

We create sites for universities and mission driven orgs, but we still love to get in on the ground floor with exploratory ventures. It’s in this spirit that we’re excited to announce our work with a University of California at Berkeley (UCB)-related civic software project called AppCivist, which leverages expertise from senior design, UX and development team members Rob Loach and Thiago de Mello Bueno. The new app seeks to help citizens dig into local issues that affect them, and then propose and collaborate on solutions.

Drupal: The Global Solution?

Andrew Ward

Josh Koenig's passionate presentation on the Future of Drupal at CapitalCamp 2013 was inspiring and worth discussing.  So here I am!

Drupal Apps: A Manifesto

Alec Reynolds

What are Drupal Apps?

In the tech space, the word "app" invites unintended connotations. When we visit the Apple App store, or go to Google Play, we have a pretty good idea of what an "app" is: a piece of software with a highly-focused set of functionality. However, as we see apps expanding into the desktop world as widgets and software add-ons, the meaning becomes more obscure. Afterall, if Microsoft chooses to start calling add-ons to a CRM "apps," no one will mistake them for a mobile weather report app.

Panopoly Magic

Andrew Ward

Pantheon's Matt Cheney wow'd the crowd with his presentation of Panopoly at Stanford Drupalcamp this past weekend.  Panopoly is a full-featured, Panels and Chaos Tools-powered Drupal distribution, including 35-40 modules and custom configuration.  So after the install process you go from literally nothing to a full-featured Drupal website.  How convenient!

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