We do a semi-institutional event called a “KalaSalon,” where a few of us talk about what’s on our minds, and how things relevant to “work” are relevant to “life,” and vice-versa. It’s part of our whole west coast we’re-holistic-let’s-see-what-works deal. During our last KalaSalon, I talked with Jr. Developer Katy Pool, Sr. Developer Rob Loach, and Sr. Interaction Designer Thiago de Mello Bueno. We ended up on the subject of “constraints,” and how they’re useful in all kinds of situations.

At Kalamuna we not only build Drupal websites, but we also provide support services for a plethora of clients. One of these is providing security updates; we pride ourselves on keeping our clients’ sites safe and free from vulnerabilities. But, I have to admit that when I hear of new security releases I cringe. I think about the tedious process of going through each site or trying to recall who has what modules installed on their site. But I just discovered an app that finds all of the new security updates for me: Evercurrent. Read on to see how it works.

UX Conference Round-up

Crispin Bailey

Every year I try to attend as many industry conferences as possible, but over the years I’ve become more selective about which ones I go to. I find them to be incredibly valuable and insightful, but they also cost money and take time, so I grade them pretty hard. This year I had the pleasure of attending several UX-focused conferences. Each was great in different ways, and I came away leaving inspired each time, and wanting to share some of the lessons I learned, so I wrote this blog post.

Mother Jones is a politically progressive American magazine reporting on politics, the environment, human rights, and culture. The magazine tapped Kalamuna to increase their social media presence by adopting the new Facebook Instant Articles standard, which delivers incredibly fast and immersive reading experiences for people on Facebook, making mobile browsing quick and easy. In fact, Facebook Instant Articles:

This year we were happy to have six team members offering sessions at the Bay Area Drupal Camp in Berkeley, California. From topics ranging from the business of running an agency to actually making the Internet, we had a ton to share. Click to see videos of all of our sessions.

This Friday, November 4, I’ll be playing XCOM 2 for 24 hours to raise money for Extra Life, a charity that benefits Hospitals in the Children's Miracle Network. My game of choice also happens to be a very sneaky way to secretly train up project managers, like some kind of modern day The Last Starfighter. So how can fighting aliens make you a better project manager?

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

Shannon O'Malley

Ada Lovelace Day celebrates women in science, technology, engineering and math. And since we like all of those things, and women doing them, we thought we’d have a toast on the Kalamuna roofdeck here in Oakland. Pictured here are account manager Esther Vincent, and developers AmyJune Hineline and Katy Pool. So who was Ada Lovelace? Read on.

What We Learned in September

Shannon O'Malley

When You're Always Learning...

... you can become the fast-moving, shiny super-species of yourself. You will also become more interesting to talk with at parties. At Kalamuna we like to learn, and since it’s officially “Back to School” month around the U.S., I figured I’d query our brood to see what’s on everyone’s minds this month. Read on to find out what we learned in the past 30 days.

“Jimmy’s mom lets him have full-width background images. You’re THE WORST.”

Sometimes Drupal feels like an overbearing mother who won’t let us out of the house wearing ripped jeans and that fake nose ring. Just like every well-meaning parent, Drupal does a good job of managing our content, but when it comes to doing what the cool kids are doing it can sometimes be a struggle. Such is the case when we want to use full-width background images. In this article, I show you how to create them in Drupal— and empower users to manage them— so you can join the nose-ringed rebels.

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