We create sites for universities and mission driven orgs, but we still love to get in on the ground floor with exploratory ventures. It’s in this spirit that we’re excited to announce our work with a University of California at Berkeley (UCB)-related civic software project called AppCivist, which leverages expertise from senior design, UX and development team members Rob Loach and Thiago de Mello Bueno. The new app seeks to help citizens dig into local issues that affect them, and then propose and collaborate on solutions.

Kalamuna's BADcamp 2016 Sessions

Shannon O'Malley

We’re gearing up for the Bay Area Drupal Camp 2016 (“BADcamp”) and are excited to have six team members offering sessions in Berkeley, CA this year. As always, BADcamp registration is free, so you can attend all of our sessions at no cost. From topics ranging from the business of running an agency to actually making the Internet, we’ve got a ton to share. Get a peek at our sessions, below, and get ‘em in your calendar.

As a Drupal developer, you may believe your spirit animal burrows somewhere between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Mine resides in Backdrop. Let me tell you how I discovered it there. I saw Jen Lampton give a great session on Backdrop for the first time at Florida DrupalCamp 2014 and I really didn’t give it much thought. People were still yammering on about Drupal 8 and no one was adopting anything at the time. We were still trying to get people on Drupal 7. Flash forward to Spring 2016: Kalamuna won a small project through a nonprofit client in the San Francisco Bay Area. My dilemma: build the tiny site in Drupal 8, or do it with Drupal 7 (Panopoly and Kalatheme) — or go with Backdrop. I thought about it for a week and I landed on Backdrop. Here’s why:

Nonprofits around the world use Drupal to create sites because it provides a low-cost, flexible and scalable platform for any kind of organization. It offers thousands of modules and contributions from its community to tailor sites to fit their unique needs. So how do you use Drupal to fit your particular project? Learn about developer Katy Pool’s session at the Nonprofit Technology Conference Drupal Day in San Jose, March 22.

Notes from BADCamp 2015 Nonprofit Summit

Alec Reynolds

It's that time of year again, when Drupal developers from far and wide come to take advantage of the lingering California summer and revel in Drupal nirvana at the Bay Area Drupal Camp (aka "BADCamp").

Kalatheme to the Rescue!

Katy Pool

The Mountain Resource Group approached Kalamuna with a broken and hacked Drupal 5 website in desperate need of repair. After assessing the site, we decided to rebuild it in Drupal 7. Within two weeks and without a design budget, we used Kalatheme + Wrapbootstrap to make a great looking, responsive website.

In two short weeks, we went from this:

To this:

Drupal: The Global Solution?

Andrew Ward

Josh Koenig's passionate presentation on the Future of Drupal at CapitalCamp 2013 was inspiring and worth discussing.  So here I am!

Launch Open Outreach for Nonprofits

Andrew Ward

Did you know there's an easy and simple solution for start-up nonprofit and grassroots groups? It's called Open Outreach and it comes from the fearless minds at Chocolate Lily.  Combined with the power of Pantheon, Open Outreach is the ultimate free distribution geared toward activist organizations.  

CiviCRM on Pantheon

Mike Pirog

If you have ever tried moving an existing installation of CiviCRM to another server you know that it is tantamount to some of the most weird and sadistic branches of masochism. In fact, we'd rather have Ivan Drago punch us repeatedly in the kidney than try to get CiviCRM to live anywhere else than the place it was originally spun up.

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