Help Choose the Next Kalamuna T-shirt Design

By Shannon O'Malley,
Kalamuna team

Hello, Friend With Refined Taste. Help us decide what our next T-shirt should look like. We want to spruce up for the upcoming Bay Area Drupal Camp in Berkeley, CA, so we held a T-shirt design contest for Kalamunists. Everyone presented their concepts today -- we've got a week to refine them and decide which one to produce. Tweet us @kalamuna and let us know what you think of our ideas.

Design by Josh Walker, Kalamuna Developer (@soniktrooth

Josh takes a conceptual, minimalist approach.

Josh's metal t-shirt design

Design by Ken Lo, Kalamuna Office Manager (@the_real_kenlo)

As a trained fine artist, Ken has positioned himself as a Real Competitor. CATZ!

Ken's kitty t-shirt design

Design by John Oullet, Kalamuna Developer (@labboy0276)

So many cats.

John's Hello Kitty tour shirt

Design by Alec Reynolds, Kalamuna Co-Founder (@reynoldsalec)

Our pillar of logic is "getting funky with it."

Alec's t-shirt design

Design by Mike Pirog, Kalamuna Co-Founder (@pirogcommamike)

The intrepid Pirog likes to make a strong statement.

Not a client t-shirt design

Design by Katy Pool, Kalamuna Jr. Developer (@katypool)

Katy gets array-cray.

Kala Array t-shirt

Design by Andrew Ward, Kalamuna Co-founder (@Andrew_J_Ward)

Andrew loves the iconic Kalamuna logo so much he's rendered it in sweet little hearts. 

Andrew's heart logo design

Design by Shannon O'Malley, Kalamuna Creative Director + Strategist (@shannon_omalley)

Shannon woke up in a serious mood today.

Be the internet design

Design by Thiago de Mello Bueno, Kalamuna Designer (@madeofpeople)

Everyone knows someone always ends up with scruvy at BADcamp.

Kalamuna Pirate Ship

Design by John Nguyen, Kalamuna Project Manager 

John shows his mind for detail.

Sketch of the kalamuna t-shirt design

Design by Darius Garza, Kalamuna Designer (@darius_garza)

Darius calls it "Kalamuna Deconstructed." He loves these "print all over" shirts.

Kalamuna logo deconstructed

Design by Ben Cauldwell, Kalamuna Developer 

Ben expresses his nostalgia for his boyhood through his art.

Tree and Logo design

Design by Andrew Mallis, Kalamuna Co-founder (@andrew_mallis)

Andrew breaks all the rules with his daring, roller derby-inspired jacket.

Logo on black jacket

Design by Crispin Bailey, Kalamuna UX Lead (@cspin)

Embrace the rainbow.

Solid t-shirts of various colors with white kalamuna logo

Shannon O'Malley

Sr. Content Strategist

In a world where your organization's brand and identity matter, Kalamuna stands ready to turn the tide. Our harbinger of diction hails from the magical land of Snake Mountain to bring order to content chaos. With a single stroke of her pen, Shannon has the power to transform unfocused words into strategic poetry that will live meaningfully on all devices.